XIL Health: DIR Policy Alert

Dig deep into our DIR Analysis. A new analysis of CMS data shows that players are profiting from obscure pharmacy fees at a rate in excess of 500% per prescription compared to the average PBM administration fee. DOWNLOAD

Mark Cuban Enters The Pharma Space

Mark Cuban Enters The Pharma Space ‘Shark Tank’ star and billionaire investor Mark Cuban announced plans to disrupt the healthcare market earlier this year. He has big plans but is starting with the attempt to lower prices of high-cost generics through his new company, Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs. Their goal is to offer more […]

Independent Pharmacies Struggle to Rise Above the Effects of PBMs

Ron Patel, a Fort Lauderdale pharmacist, made an impassioned call to hold ‘predatory middlemen’ (PBMs) accountable for forcing independent pharmacies out of business in an op-ed published earlier this week. Arguing that PBMS no longer negotiate medication savings on the behalf of patients, Patel identifies a few key areas that are putting unsustainable pressure on […]

Amazon Pilots ‘Clinics’ with Amazon Care

In 2018, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase announced their venture into the healthcare space – Haven – a solution for their combined 1.2 million employees that would help establish “a better patient experience”. Concern over the rising cost of healthcare is a driver here, but how Haven intends to tackle this issue is still […]