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Latest Technology.

Now is the time to double down on technology to adapt to market shifts, make data more accessible, reach consumers directly and pioneer the next innovation.

Reimagine the future of healthcare.

Our tools provide the insight and data you need to make better decisions, maximize performance and develop innovative technologies to navigate the complexities of today’s healthcare landscape.

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Stabilize / Optimize

Make your business more efficient by implementing the right tools to automate and provide insight across your business.

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Diversify / Scale

Apply new technologies that expand your capabilities and presence within the market.

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Disrupt / Innovate

Develop new and unexpected ways to disrupt the norm and set new trends within the industry.

Technology that innovates.

Use our plug & play tools to transform your business by creating tools that streamline legacy systems and propel you into the future.

  • MAC Management Pricing
  • NADAC Price Index
  • Consumer Rx Pricing Module
  • XIL Impact
  • Rx Cash Compare
  • DIR Accrual & Performance
  • Claims Repricing System 
  • Cloud Based Analytics Platform

XIL is NIST compliant and rigorously employs the latest innovation to enhance security.

“With reimbursement trends declining, we needed a tool to help us understand in real-time how to keep as much money on the table as possible. Impact does it seamlessly and keeps us informed about other metrics critical to our business.”

— Large payer client