Mark Cuban Enters The Pharma Space

Mark Cuban Enters The Pharma Space ‘Shark Tank’ star and billionaire investor Mark Cuban announced plans to disrupt the healthcare market earlier this year. He has big plans but is starting with the attempt to lower prices of high-cost generics through his new company, Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drugs. Their goal is to offer more than 100 generic drugs by the end of 2021 and build a manufacturing facility by 2022. Read more about his new venture here.

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Cuban has been very vocal about his negative opinions on healthcare in America in the recent years and is in the company of hundreds of startups attempting to disrupt the market. In Cuban’s case, his venture seems more personal. His choice of offering albendazole, an antiparasitic, as his company’s first discounted drug seems to be sending a message. Discounting an antiparasitic would likely benefit more impoverished groups, cementing his advocacy for more equitable access to care. Even with the good intentions, healthcare is not an easy market to disrupt. Many other wealth giants have tried (Amazon comes to mind here) and have little success to show for the billions of dollars spent for their efforts.

Strategic Question: Are Cuban’s good intentions enough to spark change in the US healthcare system?

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