XIL Health Rebrands with Expanded Offerings

XIL Health Rebrands with Expanded Offerings, Bringing 32+ Years of Experience and
Pioneering Technologies to Empower Innovative Healthcare Startups

As one of the nation’s leading strategic pharmacy economics experts, XIL Health provides actionable insights to encourage organizations, including retail pharmacies, PBMs and healthcare startups, to optimize in an unpredictable market

ST. LOUIS – April 13, 2021 – XIL Health, a leading strategic analytics and technology company in the drug economics space, announced that it is expanding its services to assist healthcare startups to rapidly penetrate the market. Traditionally, XIL Health partners with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), retail pharmacies, hospitals, infusion companies and specialty
pharmacies to stabilize, optimize and innovate in a market that is dominated by Fortune 100 companies. This creates an uneven playing field for startups focused on innovation.

Working closely with funded startups in the pharmacy access area, CEO Susan L. Lang, a former C-suite executive with Express Scripts, realized how disadvantaged startups are, regardless of funding. “Creating market fit for your product or service is difficult in any industry, but the massive consolidation within the PBM space makes it virtually impossible for smaller companies
to compete,” said Lang.

The team at XIL Health has previously managed PBMs or pharmacies so they understand how to rapidly scale using real-time metrics, mine data for pivots and provide insights into market structure that help startups disrupt the market and win.

Alexandra Robertson, VP Client Growth and Innovation at XIL Health, says, “It’s all about creating the right incentives for alignment when trying to figure out the complex matrix of PBMs and drug access.”

With more than 32 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, XIL Health has advised more than 40 top tier healthcare brands, including eight Fortune 100 companies, multiple PBMs and more than 16 pharmacy chains, partnering with both publicly traded and private equity companies to optimize their service offerings as well as their economics. When traditional strategies fail, XIL Health has consistently served as a trusted advisor to the pharmaceutical industry with realtime analytics that more precisely account for rapidly changing market forces. XIL Health provides results-driven insights through its individualized playbook and its innovative technology solutions.

XIL Technologies
XIL Health offers a variety of technology solutions to provide in-depth, actionable analysis and insights. With the help of technology, stakeholders within the drug supply chain can quickly adapt to market shifts, reach consumers directly and make key decisions based on quality data.

XIL Impact was created to give pharmacies and PBMs confidence to navigate the economic pressure and uncertainty of today’s healthcare market. The tool uses proprietary software to quickly provide data on a daily basis that supports strategy, pricing and underwriting – the economic building blocks that support client alignment.

In addition to XIL Impact, a variety of unique plug-and-play tools are available to help pharmacies and PBMs transform their businesses, including MAC management pricing, NADAC price index, consumer Rx pricing module, Rx cash compare, DIR accrual and performance, claims repricing system and cloud-based analytics.

XIL Health is NIST compliant and keeps its technology secure with the latest innovations.
For more information on XIL Health, visit www.xilhealth.com.

About XIL Health
With a mission to help clients re-imagine business for greater success in the future, XIL Health is a strategic analytics and technology company dedicated to giving businesses what they need to compete and win in today’s uncertain healthcare market. The team works with PBMs, retail pharmacies, hospitals, health plans, startups, infusion companies, LTC pharmacies and convenience clinics to help them pivot, change their economics and find new opportunities within the rapidly changing pharmaceutical industry. By combining XIL Strategies and Analytics with XIL Technologies, organizations have access to a unique combination of pharmaceutical economics expertise and cloud-based data automation that help them win. For more information, visit www.xilhealth.com.

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